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Berta Roca & Co is a communication consulting company. Our ambition is to incorporate communication into strategic management to create new spaces of opportunity to serve the goals of organizations.


  • We provide criteria and strategic vision


We support entities, institutions and companies to achieve greater significance, visibility and recognition, through a value proposition that enhances the differentiating features that each entity has and those that it legitimately aims to achieve.


  • We promote culture and brand identity


Communication begins with culture and brand identity. We seek a global approach from which we define a frame of reference where all the activities of the entity are integrated to reinforce the positioning.

  • We explore spaces of opportunity and growth


We drive the most creative projects and the most ambitious ideas to chart strategies to improve existing communication systems, actively involving audiences and creating optimal spaces for growth.

  • We outline the strategy and accompany the implementation

We support the management team in the incorporation of communication as a tool of strategic value for the achievement of goals, and we empower the communication team to define a roadmap and detail the action plan.

  • We work enhancing proximity


We apply creativity so that the best stories emerge. And we do it from closeness: listening, understanding, exploring and co-creating. We like to feel part of the team and we strive to be part of it.

  • We build flexible teams


We work with a flexible structure that we build to the size of each project and that allows us to incorporate the best professional in each specialty thanks to a wide network of collaborators, experts in communication, innovation, management and design.

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